Most Hilarious Facts In Indonesians Romantic Relationship

First, I get really excited when I talk about relationships, why? Because even in the bible we are told to have someone beside us. Someone who can bear our ego, bad side, or maybe our darkest past story. But this is what makes me excited, everybody knows that we have different backgrounds, in that way we grow differently so we tend to have different personalities also. Can you imagine that two people with different personality, ambition, background or even mindset become together and write a bond together that we call love? 

More specifically, I’m gonna tell you how love relationships in Indonesia works, because for your information, I’m writing this not because i’m indonesian but in fact, Indonesia is one of the most crowded countries with a lot of diversity. So here are the most hilarious facts in Indonesian romantic relationships!

Men have to understand his woman all the time

Yes, you might think Indonesian men are psychic because of the headline but this is the fact. In these modern days, Indonesian women are the true rulers. Even though the population of men has a slight more number than the woman, still they reign over men. It feels like they have superpower to make men kneel on their heels without asking literally for it. They know for sure how to make men feel guilty then apologize for no reason even if men didn’t make any mistake, indonesian men called it “period madness”. 

Sometimes it’s annoying because naturally men are born as problem solvers, but how can we solve a problem without knowing what the problem is? Until now, this problem still a mistery that arguably because men and woman has different perspective about this fact. So the public opinions about this topic are still very subjective. 

Personally, I had an answer if my girl suddenly acted weird and mad at me. The answer is apologize! Yes, apologize for everything even if you are innocent. It’s really annoying when you are confused but you have to apologize without any single reason. But remember what the ancestors said, love means sacrifice.

Indonesians men always know how to make women crazy with his tongue

Yes, if Indonesian women are born with a special ability called “period madness”, and Indonesian men are also born with some kind of special ability too, we call it “The martial arts of Tongue”. Do you know that the grand master of martial arts of the tongue can make women crazy and act abnormaly? We are not talking about oral sex activity, we are talking about how good you use your mouth to craft words that flattered women. If you can master it, the chance for you to get a woman is increasing no matter how not good looking you are, how bad your finances are or even how talented you are.

Almost all Indonesian women are always dreaming extravagant love stories like what they watch in the movie. And that is the chance for men! Ask the girls you like and make it happen. Be someone they want. It’s always effective to ask the girls out. 

For the men, the sweetness of your talk is your spear. Forget about looks, personality, or your financial situation. As long as you can behave, you always have a chance. When your chance is open, spread your charm, smile and leave. Why leave? It makes women crazy of curiosity and emptiness. Take your time and let it flow. Indonesian women love that for sure.

All in for first, blame later

Now, we are done with each individual’s perspectives, let’s talk about the funny things as a couple.  A fact that I found hilarious is that in the early stages of a relationship, an Indonesian couple drains the sweetness in the beginning. They do romantic stuff like giving all the attention, over care action, becoming someone that our couple wants, making irresponsible promises, and showing off just to make our partners proud. I mean maybe not only in Indonesia but almost all of us have been through these stages of relationships. 

But after we give everything we had in the first stages of a love relationship, we become tired. And the ending is blaming each other for the broken love. It’s kinda funny because even the mature ones still have this kind of relationship. It made me realize that maturity is not the number but the way we are thinking.

On the other hand, we cannot control our actions when we are blinded by love. And that makes Indonesian romantic relationships look hilarious. If you have leisure time or if you are jobless and need something to kill time, observe your friend and their partner. It’s like you are watching a romantic comedy movie. 

Differences means trouble

This is the most common and hilarious fact that often occurs in real life. In Indonesia, religion is one of the most important aspects. As we know religion and belief is a privacy but not in Indonesia. We are able to know someone’s religion or belief by asking them directly. 

This is not rude in Indonesia to question someone’s belief but that’s not the problem. The real problem comes when people with different beliefs fall in love. Yes, we can control our feelings when we grow up together, have similar hobbies, similar jobs or even the same enemy. In Indonesia, falling in love with someone who has a different belief is more like a sin. People around you will start to shoot arrows of questions. “Why him?” “Why her?” “Their religion is different!” Or something like that is also common in this country. 

And the solution is whether you switch your religion or break up. Yup, those are the only options you have if you have a romantic relationship in Indonesia. So, make sure to keep cautious of who you fall in love with, because one small step could give you a year full of grief. 

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